Inspection Reports

We will be the first to tell you how great Hunter Hall is, but our inspection results are testament to what we achieve.  

We are really pleased with the outcome of both of our most recent inspection reports, ‘ISI Regulatory Compliance’ published in November 2017 and ‘ISI Standard Integrated Inspection’ published in December 2011.

The ‘Regulatory Compliance Inspection’ covers all the areas of compliance in the school, including safeguarding and all aspects related to health and safety.  The inspection also looked closely at the pastoral welfare of pupils.  This type of inspection only has two outcomes ‘Met’ or ‘Not Met’, the outcomes for Hunter Hall were:

Quality of Education Met
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Met
Welfare, health and safety of pupils’ Met
Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors Met
Premises and accommodation Met
Provision of information Met
Manner in which complains are handled Met
Quality of leadership and management Met

For the ‘Standard Integrated Inspection’ (2011), the outcomes were (excellent is the best possible descriptor):

Overall achievement of the pupils Excellent
Quality of pupils’ learning Excellent
Attitudes and behaviour Excellent
Curriculum Good
Extra-curricular activities Excellent
Links with the community Excellent
Teaching Excellent
Quality of pupils’ personal development Excellent
Pupils’ cultural awareness Excellent
Leadership and management Excellent
Links between school and parents Excellent

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage (outstanding is the best possible descriptor here):

Overall effectiveness Outstanding
Leadership and management Outstanding
Quality of provision Outstanding
Outcomes for children Outstanding

Copies of both reports are available below or from the School Office on 01768 891291.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report, November, 2017

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