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Our staff are one of the biggest influences on young children’s lives

Our teachers and staff

Together with parents, our staff are one of the biggest influences on young children’s lives and that is a responsibility that we never underestimate.  Below is a list of all the teachers and support staff at Hunter Hall School.

Mr Paul Borrows, Head Teacher of HunterHall School

Mr Paul Borrows

Head Teacher and Head of Maths

Mrs. Kirsten Fletcher

Mrs Kirsten Fletcher

Deputy Head, Upper School Form Tutor,
Head of English

Mrs Ella Tarrant

Mrs Ella Tarrant

Lower School & Foundation Stage Coordinator, Reception Teacher

Mr Richard Jeynes

Mr Richard Jeynes

Head of Humanities, Upper School Form Tutor

Mr. Martin Spooner

Mr Martin Spooner

Head of IT and Outdoor Education

Mr Andrew Hetherington

Mr Andrew Hetherington

Director of Sport

Mme Mathilde Roberts

French Teacher

Mrs Ella Tarrant

Mrs Price

Head of Science, Upper School Form Tutor

Miss Charlotte Ecroyd

Upper School Form Tutor, Girls’ Games Teacher

Mrs. Lynsey Wrightson

Mrs Lynsey Wrightson

Director of Music, Lower School Class Teacher

Mrs Ella Tarrant

Miss Helen Elliott

Head of Art, Lower School Class Teacher

Miss. Laura Graham

Miss Laura Graham

Pre-school and whole school Teaching Assistant

Miss. Sarah Borthwick

Mrs Sarah Parker

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Judith Wilson

Mrs Judith Wilson

Classroom support/ Uniform shop keeper & Cookery Club

Mrs Gill Slessor

Learning Support Teacher

Mr. David White

Mr David White

Bursar and Clerk to the Governors

Miss Amy Fawcett

Office Administrator

Mr. Geoff Ellerton

Mr Geoff Ellerton

Site Manager & School Caretaker

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