Our Values

At Hunter Hall we look beyond the usual

As a prep school, we are true to our name and always have one eye on a more distant horizon.

We are looking ahead to what comes next, to the challenges that the children will face when they move on from Hunter Hall. Our values are intended to ensure that the children are able to thrive at secondary school and beyond.

We understand that Hunter Hall is first and foremost a family school. Our families are at the heart of our community, and as a school we greatly value their contribution in making Hunter Hall a unique place to learn and grow up. 

Values to live and grow by

Our four branches of values play a fundamental role in the daily life of school. Children are recognised for demonstrating these values in action and they underpin our whole approach to teaching. 

Kindness and respect

In everything that we do, we recognise that empathy and consideration of others come first. We also recognise the importance of respecting school property and equipment as well as the wider environment. 

Resilience and receptiveness

We understand that making mistakes and overcoming challenges are a fundamental part of both learning and growing up, and we recognise the value of persevering and being open to a different way of seeing things. 

Curiosity and creativity

We recognise that the joy of learning is rooted in both curiosity and creativity. The exhilaration of exploring and discovering new ideas never leaves us, nor does our appreciation of the freedom to approach learning in our own way and to express ourselves as individuals. 

Self-awareness and self-belief

We understand that through self-awareness, we are able to determine our own path and strive for our own goals. Self-belief gives us the confidence to achieve our goals, supported by those around us 

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