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We work hard to keep our fees as accessible as possible

Admission Fees

We believe an independent preparatory education should be as accessible as possible. 

We understand that a private education is a choice and a considerable commitment. Therefore as a school, we work very hard to keep our fees as low as possible while adding as much value as possible to the experience. We have families from all walks of life and we work with each of them to help ensure the longevity of their children’s Hunter Hall careers.

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Termly Fees 2023/24
Deposit: £250 Payable on acceptance of place
Reception: £3199
Year 1 & 2: £3260
Year 3 & 4: £3778
Year 5 & 6: £3849
Lunches: £330 per term
Payment Methods


On receipt of invoice at the beginning of each term, payment of school fees and lunches can be made by one of the following methods:

  1. Bank transfer direct to Hunter Hall School bank account
  2. Cheque
  3. Monthly Instalments

 How we can help

  • Our school fees include childcare from 8.15am to 5.30pm, with many after school activities also included – allowing you to get on with your working day in peace
  • We offer flexible payment plans including monthly payment options starting from £834 per month including lunch – not dissimilar to full-time nursery bills.
  • We can offset lower school fees in Reception against 30 hour childcare allocations until the term after your child turns 5
  • Your third child automatically receives a 25% discount on annual tuition fees (excluding lunches) while all three siblings are at Hunter Hall simultaneously (Reception – Year 6).
  • We offer means-tested bursaries that can provide some help in terms of a reduction in fees.

“It’s like you never stopped paying nursery bills – that’s what I often compare it to.”

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