A forward

looking school

Hunter Hall is a truly unique preparatory school based in the stunning Lake District

Welcome to Hunter Hall primary school

A very warm welcome to Hunter Hall, a forward-looking prep school on the edge of the Lake District where children enjoy the space and support to succeed academically, develop as individuals and grow in self-confidence.

Our dedicated, specialist teachers provide engaging learning experiences, which encourage the children to ask questions and think for themselves. To succeed in the world that awaits them, the children will need to be creative and critical thinkers, and we provide all our children with opportunities to become leaders and innovators, problem solvers and collaborators, in the classroom, but also on stage, on the sports field and up mountains!

We know that fundamental to the success of every child is the strength of the relationships that the children enjoy with their teachers. Happy children who feel a genuine sense of belonging will thrive, and so the wellbeing of every child is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage the children to be kind and empathetic, and we support them in becoming resilient and resourceful when faced with challenges.

Only by visiting our school will you get a true sense of the happiness and engagement of our children, and the warm and supportive environment Hunter Hall provides. I very much hope to see you soon.

Paul Borrows,
Hunter Hall School

Mr Paul Borrows, Head Teacher of HunterHall School


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