Further Information

If it is the first time your child has been to pre-school or nursery, don’t worry, we’re here to help and answer any questions you have.

The following information will give you a guide as to what to expect from Hunter Hall pre-school in Penrith.  If there is anything you are unsure of please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


In pre-school, uniforms are optional, although the majority of our children enjoy wearing the school tracksuit. This can be purchased from our school uniform shop. Appropriate outdoor clothing is required, including suitable footwear.

Uniform items can be ordered via the School Office

Lunch and Snacks

At Hunter Hall pre-school all children who stay for lunch during term time have a healthy school lunch, which is prepared fresh, daily and in-house. There is a choice of a hot meat or fish main course, a vegetarian main course or a salad. The second course offers a choice of a pudding of the day, yoghurt, fresh fruit or cheese and biscuits. Parents have the option to extend a morning or afternoon session to include a school lunch. This is charged at £4.50 per hour (can be included in funded hours). There is an additional charge for lunch itself £1.75.

During holiday club, parents are asked to supply a healthy packed lunch.

Each morning and afternoon, the children sit down together to have a snack and a drink before going out to play. This enables the children to experience co-operation and sharing and teaches them valuable social skills. Please ensure that your child brings an appropriate snack at the beginning of a session, i.e. fresh prepared fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, plain biscuits, cheese; (not sweets, chocolate, cakes, smoothies, juice, crisps etc. – sweets are not allowed in school). Please do not bring any food that contains nuts due to possible allergies. If your child is going to be in school for a full day, they will need to bring two snacks with them. Milk and water is always available.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I need to leave my child after 3.15pm?

That is fine – you will be charged the wraparound rate of £4.50 p/h for every hour or part thereof that your child is in pre-school.

What happens if I finish work early and want to pick my child up at 2:30 pm ?

That is fine – however you have booked into the afternoon session and therefore you will be charged (or use your entitlement) for the whole of that session, as staffing will have already been arranged.

I would like my child to have lunch, is this possible?

Yes of course it is. We do offer a nutritious lunch where there is always the option of a hot, cold or vegetarian meal. In this instance, you would be charged for the cost of a nursery lunch unless you choose an alternative meal arrangement.

I would like to change the sessions my child attends pre-school, is this possible?

Yes, it is as long as there are places available. Any changes to your sessional arrangements must be communicated to us in writing one month before you wish to change. This is to allow us to maintain correct staffing ratios. Any holidays that you choose to take within these sessional hours must be paid for with your government grant as we still need to maintain highly experienced staff which of course we really do pride ourselves on at Hunter Hall. If no notice is given you will be charged for those sessions accordingly. This also includes notice of intention to leave.

What happens if I have an emergency?

If due to unforeseen circumstances you have an emergency to deal with, we will always try to be flexible and to do our best to sort something out for you. Just contact Pre-school direct. 

What happens if my child is sick and cannot attend their session?

If this happens we will try our best to accommodate them on another day providing there are spaces available.

Does attending pre-school guarantee my child a school place?

We value your loyalty to our pre-school and therefore parents choosing Hunter Hall pre-school will be offered places in school ahead of those choosing other providers. Applications will be on a first come first served basis so please tell us immediately should you be interested in a place so we can add you to our waiting list.

You may, of course, wish to accept a place at Hunter Hall pre-school but for whatever reason not be in a position to accept a school place. That is fine – it is not a proviso that you must transfer to school if you come to pre-school although of course the benefits of doing so are there for all to see.

Contacting us:

General information on school and pre-school: office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk

Or by telephone on 01768 891291

Find out more about the facilities at Hunter Hall pre-school and our flexible sessions and fees.

Contacting us:

General information on school and pre-school: office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk

Or by telephone on 01768 891291