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Thinking about applying?

Applying to Hunter Hall is straightforward.

We welcome applications from any child regardless of sex, disability, nationality, religion, or race as long as our criteria are met and we are confident that we can support your child’s needs. We are a non-selective 3 to 11 Preparatory School and therefore there are no formal admissions exams to sit.

Upper and Lower School Admissions

We accept new starters at any point of the academic year. However, we do ask that all children attend a Taster Day with us in order that we can help them to settle as quickly as possible and learn a little more about them. During this day the children may be asked to complete some formal written work depending on the age of the child. Children are always placed in the year group that is applicable to them and will be assigned a mentor for the day.

Past school reports assist us enormously in helping to settle your child as quickly as possible and therefore (if applicable) please bring as much evidence as possible regarding your child’s previous schooling.

For more detail, see our Admissions Policy.

Pre-school Admissions

Hunter Hall School Pre-School girl on phone

If it is a pre-school place that you are interested in, please note that:

  • You are able to use your early years funding with us, both the universal 15 hours and the ‘extended free childcare for working parents of three and four year olds (also known as the 30 hours).
  • In addition to this we are also registered for the tax free childcare scheme as well.
  • Pre-school children generally do a taster day comprising a couple of hours. Find out more here.

For more detail, see our Admissions Policy.