There are many reasons why parents may consider Hunter Hall school for their child. For some it has always been on their agenda; they might have been educated at the school themselves, or their friends have children here, they have had siblings through the school or have always aspired to send their child here. Many children come to our pre-school and for most of them, it is a natural step to continue their education through to the main school.

Other families join us because they have moved into the area, or for whatever reason things have not worked out as they expected at their children’s present school and they feel that Hunter Hall may be another option for them. Not all schools suit all children and I believe there is room for all of them in our education system. If we can make a difference to your child at Hunter Hall then we will happily talk through the options with you.

If you are looking for or considering a place with us fill in our enquiry form or contact the office at office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk. We can then offer you a convenient appointment to come and talk about your child and schooling with myself.  I can offer you a tour of the school and a taster day for your child to give them a flavour of what a typical day at the school is like – after all, it will be the child attending and we want them to feel really welcome. Your child’s school reports will help us to make sure such a day is as positive as possible. Our Bursar Mr White can also discuss payment options should that be an area where you require assistance.

So, there are many reasons why parents may consider Hunter Hall school.  There is, of course, no obligation to accept, or for us to offer, a place there and then – it is very important that our school is suitable for you and your child and that your child will thrive here and make the most of the opportunities on offer.

I look forward to meeting you soon should you be considering a place at Hunter Hall.

Mrs D Vinsome