On the 28th January, year 5 went on an outing to a theatre workshop at Giggleswick School. When we got off the bus, it was snowing- we were thrilled! We met our drama teacher (Mr Baldwin) who took us into a beautiful, warm dance studio.

Firstly, we made a circle and did a ‘getting to know you’ name game, so Mr Baldwin could learn who we all were. After that, we played a merry game of ‘Zip, Zap, Zoom’. It was very enjoyable. To start off, we sent zips around the circle, and once we got used to that, we could send out zaps to block this zips. Following this, Annie and Casey had a ‘moo off’- they were both very good, so it was a draw! Before long, we were playing another fun-packed drama game. We had to make an object that started with the letter that Mr Baldwin gave us.

Pleasingly (for me anyway) we then headed towards the school theatre, where we met a year 13 boy called Sam who worked with us too. We played a game called ‘rhythm setter’. One person went outside and another person was cast as the ‘rhythm setter’. The person who was outside then had to come in and guess who had set the rhythm. After that, we got into partners and sculpted each other (like plasticine) into characters from Midsummer Night’s Dream e.g.: a disorganised fairy. Then, we worked together to prepare a short scene from the play. We learnt how the lighting worked in the theatre and designed the lighting for each of our own performances. At the end, we performed each of our short plays to everyone else in the group. To conclude, this was a brilliant, fun experience. I’d love to do it again!

By Anna C