Helping more children benefit from a Hunter Hall education

The Kirk Global Scholarship Award Programme

Could you be the next Hunter Hall Scholar?

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We’re thrilled to announce the creation of three scholarships to help more children benefit from a Hunter Hall education. 

The Aim

To enable a young person/s to benefit from a Hunter Hall Education and take full advantage of all that our preparatory school has to offer.  This is open to all children entering Year 5 in September of an academic year.

The awards will be based on pupils who:

  • demonstrate a thirst for learning and a passion for the world around them
  • recognise their responsibility as a global citizen
  • show academic potential as well as enthusiasm, interest and ability in a variety of disciplines and hence the ability to thrive at Hunter Hall.

Next Awards 

Scholarships are first and foremost about their intrinsic worth –
the reward for academic endeavour.

Why the ‘Kirk Global Scholarship’ Award Programme?

Peter Kirk was our Chair of Governors at Hunter Hall. He was passionate about education and the difference it could make to a child’s life and future. Coming from modest beginnings, he immediately recognised the value of education, and after a career in the forces settled to working in a variety of school environments. Always outward looking in approach, he saw education as preparation for life and was keen that as many children as possible had access to it. He wanted children to have an appreciation of their school and the world in which they live, taking responsibility for their actions in making a positive impact on the world around them. Education equals empowerment and this scholarship programme embodies his beliefs.

What’s involved?


Assessment will take place in the May prior to the child entering Year 5 in September of that year.

This year’s Scholarship Day:

Deadline for registration:


The Assessment will take the form of:

  • Three papers in Maths and English and global reasoning
  • An interview with the Head Teacher/Deputy Head Teacher.
  • Lesson in sport and 1:1 session in music (if applicable)
  • Former school reports will also be taken into account.

The Day

  • Parents to arrive with children at 9.00am.
  • Settle their children then be invited for coffee with Head Teacher and given a tour of the school.
  • Deputy Head to supervise assessments.
  • Children to be picked up at 3.00pm.


The Head Teacher will write to families with appropriate feedback. Scholarships awarded as appropriate.

Register for the Scholarship Programme

To register your child for this year’s awards, please complete the form below. For more information or to arrange an informal chat, please email: office@hunterhall.cumbria.sch.uk

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Need to know

  • Open to any family who would benefit from the opportunities at Hunter Hall.
  • Child must show a passion for learning and considerable academic potential to do well in core school subjects, as well as interest and ability in sport and/or music.
  • Scholarships run for the duration of Year 5 and 6.
  • Child must fulfil his/her obligations to commit to the ethos of Hunter Hall. Failing to do so would lead to withdrawal of such an award at any time.
  • If there are no suitable candidates, awards may not be offered.
  • The value of awards may change each year.
  • Scholarship and bursary awards cannot run concurrently.
  • If an existing child has a bursary and is awarded a scholarship of the same value, they may be awarded an honorary scholarship (in lieu of any monetary award)
  • If an existing child is awarded a scholarship of greater value than any bursary they hold, the higher award will be accepted in the family’s best interests.
  • Scholarship programmes may not run each year.
  • The value of awards is offered on a strictly confidential basis.

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