Pre-School News

The latest news and updates from Hunter Hall pre-school.  Find out more about what our tiny tots have been up to each week.

Latest News - 23rd October 2020

We have enjoyed exploring and celebrating the Harvest Festival in pre-school this week. We loved learning some new Harvest songs, along with some brilliant actions, as well as using the computer to research how food is harvested.  We had a great time painting with fruit and vegetables and peeling vegetables; which is a great activity for strengthening children’s pencil grip.


We have also been using apples and turnips to create some wonderful pumpkin pictures.

Our trip out on the mini bus to a nearby forest on Tuesday was very exciting; the children were able to take part in a variety of activities including sawing wood to make their very own Log Dog!   What a wonderful way to end what I feel has been a wonderful half term. I cannot wait to see what the next half term brings.

Latest News 16th October 2020

We have been back exploring autumn this week; leaves in particular.  The children have used magnifying glasses to examine them, paying close attention to the veins.  We have been using paints to turn some of our  leaves into some brilliant leaf people.

We had a lovely time outside on Wednesday when the children decided to become road workers, using the wheel barrows, spades and dumper trucks to transport the mud, ready to be spread along the road; there were some very muddy shoes that went home that day!

The beginning of the week saw us exploring our feelings and what they mean. Emotions and identifying them can be a really difficult topic for children so we are hoping to build on this and create an interactive display based around emotions in pre-school.

Latest News 2nd October 2020

We have been exploring the body this week in pre-school.  To begin with, the children drew around one of their friends the we discussed the different parts of the body and their uses; we then turned the drawing into a scarecrow for our autumn display.

There was great excitement on Thursday when we turned the home corner into a space station. The children decorated our telephone box and turned it into a rocket before flying to the moon! Once they arrived on the moon, they enjoyed a delicious picnic full of cakes, biscuits and fruit. We ended the day with the story, Whatever Next, which, I think was the inspiration for our day.  It is lovely to see children engaged in such wonderful and imaginative activities.

Latest News 25th September 2020

The pre-school children have been busy exploring autumn this week.  We have been for a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of autumn and collecting leaves which we used to create some wonderful leaf faces.   They have been using paints and bobbins to create some lovely autumn leaves for our display.

We have been listening to the story of Elmer and thinking about what makes us special; I have really enjoyed hearing about everyone’s special talents from a child’s perspective!

Latest News 11th September 2020

It has been lovely to welcome all of the children new and old back into pre-school after a lovely and well-deserved summer break.  It’s also really nice to see lots of new friendships begin to blossom and see our older children show the newer children the pre-school toys and routines. This week, the children have all painted their own self-portraits and I have to say I think we have some budding artists in the making. The children have also taken part in French, PE and Forest school sessions, where they loved exploring the forest and pond areas as well as  walking up the field to watch all the diggers which caused great excitement.


Latest News 18th September 2020

This week we have been focusing on our families in pre-school.  We have enjoyed some lovely conversations as the children have spoken fondly of their family members including their beloved pets.  They have all drawn some wonderful pictures of their families for our display; we are very impressed with the drawing skills that we have seen this week.


We have made the most of the lovely sunshine, spending lots of time outside.  The children have enjoyed riding the bikes and scooters, drawing treasure maps and playing pirates on the climbing frame, drawing with the large chalks and building and balancing with the large wooden blocks.


We are now at the end of our second full week and I am still very impressed with how well the children have settled and quickly got use to our routines; we are beginning to see some wonderful friendships develop that I am sure will continue to blossom throughout the year.

Latest News 9th October 2020

We have had great fun celebrating Book week in pre-school this week. The children have shown great interest in the book, Marvin Gets Mad, lately so we decided to create a cover for our door based on that.  The Marvin books are a great way of helping us to discuss feelings. Therefore, we have also been focusing on our feelings, particularly feeling angry, and thinking about what we can do to help ourselves when we feel this way; this is where I find our mindfulness exercises come in very handy.

We also used Marvin to help us discuss healthy foods and the children created their own assortment of healthy foods using different collage materials.

Of course, we all loved dressing up on Thursday and I was very impressed with the efforts everyone went to.


Another exciting week in pre-school, I cannot wait to see what next week brings.