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Latest News 14th June 2019

What a busy week for Hunter Hall pre-school children! They all enjoyed conducting a science experiment earlier in the week after a child asked, ‘How do rocks get to the bottom of the ocean?’ We used the computer to research how the rock does get there and what it is called; learning that it is called ‘sedimentary’ rock. We have used chocolate and ice cubes to see how hot lava cools and turns to stone; a very tasty experiment.

We had an exciting time exploring the circus along with the rest of Lower School, coming together for a circus-themed craft day on Thursday and of course learning some new circus skills with the circus school on Friday; I have to say we were very impressed with some of the circus outfits we saw on dress up day.

Latest News 7th June 2019

This week we have begun to explore the seaside. This topic has brought back lots of fond memories for the children and we have enjoyed hearing about all their exciting times visiting the beach with family. The children have been experimenting with paint to create their own unique jellyfish; this has been a really good activity to help the children understand that we can manipulate materials to create effects. We all really enjoyed our surprise performance of ‘The Secret Garden’ on Wednesday. What a wonderful start to the half term; I can’t wait to share more exciting times throughout the rest of the term.

Latest News 24th May 2019

This week we have continued to explore minibeasts in the preschool; focusing on habitats. The children have created some microhabitats of their own and left them in the outside area in the hope that some minibeasts will come along and make a home for themselves.

We have also explored germs and how easily they spread – the children have all taken part in our glitter hand washing activity, which is a really fun way of explaining how germs spread and how important it is to wash our hands.

Of course, we have spent lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine. The children have enjoyed using the climbing frame, playing in the large sand pit, mark making using the large chalks and many other activities. We are keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that the weather continues for the half term break. 

Latest News 17th May 2019

We have really made the most of the glorious weather this week; spending lots of time outside. Our focus this week has been mini beasts, we have been learning all about the various kinds of mini beast and where we might find them. We have used magnifying glasses to help us find them in their ‘microhabitats.’ The children have been strengthening their fine motor muscles by using tweezers to pull mini beasts out of the sand. We have taken our phonics outside by thinking about the initial sounds of some of the things we have found including; flowers, spades and ladybirds. The children have been practising their scissor skills with our ‘superhero’ cutting activity.

Of course we have also just enjoyed being outside in the sunshine and appreciating the wonderful environment in which our pre-school is based.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 10th May 2019

We have been busy exploring the life cycle of a butterfly this week. We have visited the caterpillars in the reception class to learn all about how they will change and grow. We have been listening to the story of the hungry caterpillar and the children have used picture cards to sequence the story independently. We have also explored how butterflies are symmetrical and used paints to make our own symmetrical butterflies.

We have also been thinking about our thoughts and how they don’t always make us feel happy; in fact, our thoughts can sometimes make us feel very unhappy. We have imagined our thoughts as bubbles and discussed ways in which we can make these unhappy thought bubbles disappear. The children have even made their very own thought bubble for the pre-school; a space where they can go to cast away any unhappy thoughts they might have.

Latest News 4th May 2019

We have been learning all about the lifecycle of a frog this week. Mollie has very kindly brought in some tadpoles for us to see first-hand how they change and grow. As part of our ‘try it Tuesday’ challenge the children were asked to make their own fishing nets, we took these to the school pond to try and catch some more tadpoles and were lucky enough to actually catch one in a sea shell! We have used egg cartons and bubble wrap to make our own frog life cycles, these are now on display in the pre-school.

We have been thinking about what to do when people are mean to us. We have likened meanness to a bug that spreads easily and thought of ways we can make the meanness melt away. The children have made a mean puddle for the pre-school. They initially decided to ‘splat’ the meanness away and into the puddle but have now chosen to carefully melt it into the puddle by asking, ‘why are they mean?’ or ‘what is making them unhappy?’ If we melt the meanness away it has less chance of splashing out and spreading again than if we ‘splat’ it away!

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