Pre-School News

The latest news and updates from Hunter Hall pre-school.  Find out more about what our tiny tots have been up to each week.

Latest News 6th March 2020

We have enjoyed another busy week exploring dinosaurs in pre-school. The children have been using paper plates to make their own dinosaurs, which are now proudly displayed around the setting. There was great excitement when a large dinosaur egg appeared in pre-school. The children all enjoyed helping to build a comfy nest for it; we are now waiting very patiently to see what type of dinosaur will hatch.

The children all enjoyed our glitter hand washing activity this week. This is an excellent way of teaching children how easily germs are spread and helping them to understand the importance of good hygiene. I am really pleased with how the children have taken this on board and are now taking pride in how good they are at keeping germs at bay.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 28th February 2020

This week we have been exploring Shrove Tuesday, which saw the children make their own pancake batter and then take part in a pancake race on the playground.

We have also introduced the children to our new topic of dinosaurs this week, which was met with great enthusiasm. We have begun to learn all about the different kinds of dinosaurs and whether they were meat or plant-eaters. The children have all helped create some fantastic dinosaurs for our display using various collage materials. I cannot wait to share many more exciting dinosaur adventures with the children over the half term. 

Latest News 14th February 2020

At Hunter Hall Pre-school and Nursery have been strengthening our community links with a visit to Croft Avenue care home this week. For the past three years, we have been visiting, along with the reception class every Christmas to sing our nativity songs, and now we are building on this by visiting the residents on a more regular basis. This week, we have been reading stories together, but we do have other activities planned for future visits. We feel this is a wonderful opportunity for the children and will help to open their eyes to the wider community. We were so proud of all of the children who came with us and shared their stories, and I am really looking forward to our future visits.

Latest News 7th February 2020

We have been busy exploring colours this week. The children have taken part in a very interesting experiment where we added warm water to skittles. This created a beautiful rainbow in the water, much to the amazement of the children. We have also been exploring how to make new colours by mixing powder paints together. This was a great activity which the children were able to take part in independently. It was lovely to see the amazement on their faces as they created a new colour, although it was mostly various shades of brown! The children have also enjoyed setting up a doctor’s surgery, writing prescriptions and making appointments. We have also enjoyed being outside in the fresh sunshine, making the most of the whether before the storm arrives at the weekend.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 31st January 2020

This week, in keeping with our topic of ‘changes’, the children have been using gingerbread men to see what changes they can make to it. Initially, they added it to water to see if he would be able to swim across the river; there was a few horrified faces as they tried to pick it up and it turned to crumbs. This led the children to ask what would happen if he was placed in other liquids. The poor gingerbread man has been swimming in hot and cold milk, hot chocolate and oil; he is still lying at the bottom of a bowl of oil feeling very solid! We have made our own very tasty gingerbread men and explored a piece of root ginger, which was a surprise to some children, having just measured out a spoonful of powdered ginger. This has also led to some lovely literacy activities with the children retelling and acting out the story of the gingerbread man. It really has been a joy to see and hear the children so excited and enthusiastic whilst telling the story.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 24th January 2020

We have continued to explore winter this week, focusing on hibernation in particular. We have learned about the different animals that hibernate and the children have made some lovely sleeping bears for our display. We used paints and forks to achieve the effect of a furry bear and different sized circle soft the features. We have also conducted an experiment using hot water bottles to learn how animals stay warm during the winter months. I am looking forward to carrying out more experiments next week.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 17th January 2020

After the excitement of Advent and Christmas, it has been lovely getting back to ‘normal’ this week. We have been busy exploring winter and the children have shown a keen interest in hibernation, which we will continue to explore further next week. They have been practising their scissor skills whilst making snowflakes for our winter display.

We have welcomed some new children into pre-school, and I have been very proud to see how kind and friendly our current children are; I am sure they will settle very quickly and cannot wait to get to know them further.

Miss H Gallagher

Latest News 13th December 2019

I must begin this week by saying how proud I am of all our pre-school children. They have worked so hard over the last few weeks along with the reception children to learn the songs for our nativity and, bearing in mind that some of our children are not in every day and the illnesses that come with this time of year. I’m sure you will agree that they put on an amazing performance!

Not only did they perform brilliantly in our nativity, but they also went to the Bupa care home to perform for the residents. We also went to Sainsbury’s, helping to raise funds for their chosen charity; 4Eden.

When I stop and remind myself that these children are only three and four, it really does leave me amazed at how well they perform.

Of course, performing our nativity is a wonderful way of teaching our children this story and helping them to understand why we celebrate Christmas, which is something I think is very important; especially at this time of year.

Miss H Gallagher