Pre-School News

The latest news and updates from Hunter Hall pre-school.  Find out more about what our tiny tots have been up to each week.

Latest News - 30 April 2021

This week in pre-school we have been learning all about life cycles of a butterfly.

At the beginning of the week we explored a life cycle and talked about the different stages, how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, using special words such as chrysalis and symmetrical.

We have created our own pictures of the life cycle, beginning with an egg on a leaf, turning into a caterpillar, a chrysalis and finally a butterfly. We practiced our pencil control whilst drawing and talked about what each thing looked like, what shapes we should use and what colours.

We have also created our own symmetrical butterflies using bobbins to paint with and create a pattern on the wings!

Outside we have been on a butterfly hunt to see how many we could see and what colours they have on their wings.

The children have also enjoyed sharing ‘The Big Book of Bugs’ which Clara very kindly brought in to share with us.

Latest News - 23 April 2021

We have had a great week back in pre-school.

We have all talked about what we have done over the Easter holidays, how we celebrated and who we celebrated with. We drew pictures of our favourite activity.

Our new topic is incredible insects and changes which we are looking forward to exploring further. On Wednesday afternoon we were very lucky to have Miss Graham’s dogs, Bella who is a 6-month-old puppy and Pepper who is 2, come and visit us.

This was to help us see the difference between them and to see how they change when they get older. They are both very cheeky and kept us entertained for the afternoon!

As well as this we have been using the magnifying glasses to explore the insects and see what characteristics they have. We have also been looking out for insects when we have been in the playground and talking about how we can look after them.

Latest News - 01 April 2021

We have had a fabulous week in pre-school!  We had a very special visitor to our forest which the children were very excited about.  The Easter bunny came to visit us, we helped collect his eggs back into the basket, he told us he was very busy and had lots of work to do for Easter! He even left us some delicious chocolate eggs when we got back inside.

He posed for a picture with us then he said his goodbyes and told us he was going to Shap chip shop for tasty fried carrots. Thank you for coming to visit us Easter Bunny!

This week we have also had a walk up the hill alongside reception to take the builders an Easter treat as part of our Summer of Kindness.

We asked for the site manager to see us and gave him an Easter card and boxes of sweets which we said he would have to share with all of his workers.

As well as these visits we have also been creating Easter nests and cards for our families.

What a busy week we have had, we hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and we will see you when we come back to school!

Latest News - 19 March 2021

This week in pre-school we have been practicing our listening skills and learning about St Patricks Day.  We have been on a listening walk around school trying to find lots of different sounds to practice our super listening skills. We heard birds singing, sheep, diggers, gates closing and even someone jangling their keys!

Whilst on our walk we were lucky enough to spot some baby lambs too, we had to be very quiet and sneak passed them, so we didn’t scare them.

We also had lots of fun learning all about St Patricks Day. We listened to a story to teach us about St Patrick and who he was, we used potatoes that were cut into different shapes to paint with using the colours of the Irish flag, we explored Irish music and talked about the different musical instruments we could hear and we even watched a video of how people who live in Ireland celebrate.  We have also made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed having our snack outside as a picnic!

Latest News - 26 March 2021

We have had such an exciting week in pre-school. First, we have had a great time exploring bubbles! We looked at what colours we could see, took turns to pop them, talked about how they felt and counted how many we could pop before they floated away.  We also had a go at bubble painting which was very messy but extremely fun! The bubbles created a range of patterns.

This week we have also been talking about our brand-new season, Spring. We learnt that there are so many lovely things which happen in Spring but one of the most exciting things is that it means the Easter bunny will be coming to visit soon!

We have been listening and looking for signs of Spring outside, we have been lucky enough to spot lambs jumping around which have been in the field next to school.

We have painted beautiful observational pictures of daffodils too. We explored the colours of the daffodils and talked about what they look like too.