Pre-school Curriculum

What sets Hunter Hall pre-school apart is that our curriculum is teacher led; really preparing children for when they start school.

At Hunter Hall pre-school, we follow the revised 2012 Early Years Foundation Stage, where learning is play-based and focused on the children’s interests.

There is a balance of adult led and child initiated learning opportunities, using the indoor and outdoor environments. There are daily Maths, Literacy, phonics and physical development/P.E. activities. The children also have weekly learning opportunities through discovery and exploration in the Forest area, French, P.E. and singing with specialist teachers during term time. Outcomes for the children are outstanding…children learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings with developing confidence. They enjoy communication with adults and peers alike and view conversation and play as a means of increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. (Independent Schools Inspectorate 2011)

Innovative Approach

The innovative approach within the Hunter Hall Foundation Stage attracts regular visitors to the unit, where the children learn through play. The choices that they make and the interests they express are used by the staff to plan their learning and development. This has proved to be very effective, and children thrive and develop rapidly.

They enjoy a vibrant, holistic experience in the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, and also receive specialist French, P.E and singing teaching in term time. The Foundation Stage Unit conversion is designed specifically to the needs of three to five year olds. The facilities are excellent, with a wide variety of learning resources and superbly designed outdoor play areas, surrounded by woodland areas.


At Huner Hall pre-school we aim to provide a happy, secure, stimulating, and wwellorganisedenvironment, where the children’s all round development will flourish and where learning is activated through play. We will encourage the children to communicate, experiment, create, imagine and discover, as well as introducing them to new ideas and learning from the environment.

We believe that a child’s sense of self-worth is an important component of their vision of the world, and great importance is attached to each individual achievement. However, the child must also be aware that they are part of a community, and emphasis is placed on social skills and nurturing a caring and co-operative atmosphere both in and out of the classroom.

The Hunter Hall pre-school is a setting which successfully achieves its aims to provide a safe, caring, challenging environment where children feel secure and confident. In this nurturing setting, staff work well in partnership with parents and support agencies to recognise, understand and promote the individual needs and interests of the children, who therefore make consistently good progress towards meeting and often exceeding the early learning goals by the end of the reception year. (Independent Schools Inspectorate 2011)

Early Learning Goals

At Hunter Hall pre-school, learning and development progresses towards the Early Years Goals as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage published by the Department for Education.

This has the following principles:

  • A unique child – every child is a competent learner from birth, who can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.
  • Positive relationships – children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person.
  • Enabling environments – the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning.
  • Learning and development – children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. All areas of learning and development are equally important and interconnected.

The curriculum at Hunter Hall pre-school covers seven areas of learning and development:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Art and Design
Special Educational and Additional Needs

At Hunter Hall pre-school we recognise that parents play a fundamental role in a child’s development and therefore the knowledge that you have about your child will be valued. We are committed to take positive and proactive steps to ensure we provide a safe and caring learning environment to meet the needs of all the children. We will support all children in our care and ensure they have full access to the EYFS curriculum. Staff regularly observe children and keep accurate records of the progress that they make. We regularly share this information with parents. Any planned activities will be appropriate to children’s needs and individual capabilities. They will be delivered by providing a wide range of multi-sensory approaches and materials.

At Hunter Hall pre-school we also ensure your child has the opportunity to repeat certain activities and therefore reinforce particular skills. Where a child has additional needs we aim to work in partnership with parents to give children access to a broad and well balanced early learning environment.

Where required, with parents permission we will contact other professionals for specific advice and if appropriate arrange a meeting so that we all have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the next steps for the child. All the staff in Hunter Hall pre-school are aware of and have a regard for the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

We work in partnership with parents and other agencies in order to provide the very best care and education for every child. Transition is an important stage we consider carefully.

When a child is ready for the next stage in their learning such as moving into Reception class, we work closely with parents providing advice and support. We will liaise closely with new teachers ensuring that they have the most accurate and up to date information in order that they can successfully meet their needs in the next step of their learning journey.

Further information can be obtained from the following link localoffer.cumbria.gov.uk