Parents Group

The Hunter Hall Parents’ group comprises, obviously, every parent or guardian who has a child at Hunter Hall. Not everyone has the time, or indeed the inclination, to attend every Parent Group meeting but everyone is welcome and even those that do not attend can help the group, and therefore the school, in a myriad of different ways. The Committee serves only to co-ordinate the decisions and efforts of the wider parent body - and of course to keep track of any funds raised.

The role of the group is to support the school, which means the pupils, the staff and the parents themselves. We achieve this in a number of ways:

Practical Support – The Group provides manpower to assist in the running of various school events such as serving tea on Grandparents’ Day and at the various school plays. We also hope to support new parents to the school by a system of class representatives who, among other things, will welcome new families and answer any questions they may have about the day to day routine at school.

Social – Throughout the school year the Group will organise a number of social events, some for the whole family, others more for the adults.These are always great fun and help forge friendships and a closer communication between all members of the school. These events have in the past included Bonfire Night barbeques, dinner dances, a Duck Race on the river at Bampton, a Family Activity Challenge (think ‘it’s a knockout’ but harder!) and a camping weekend.

Fundraising – Some of the social events will aim to raise money to purchase ‘extras’ for the school. These are things that cannot claim to be ‘necessities’ but which will enhance school activities for our children. In the past, such luxuries have included a kiln for the art room, an outdoor classroom for the playground and a large selection of board games for wet break times, which then led to the very well attended board games club on a Friday afternoon. We are currently raising money to buy new staging for the school’s numerous theatrical productions.

The Group meets twice a term to plan forthcoming events and discuss any issues raised by the parents or staff. The minutes of these meetings are distributed with the newsletter to all parents, and can be found in a file in the School Office and on this website. If you wish to help in any way please leave your e-mail address in the School Office and you will be included in all the correspondence and calls for assistance!

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