It was wonderful to have so many families join us for our first ever Apple Day on Saturday 7 October. Though a few grey clouds overhead threatened rain, the morning stayed dry, not that a few drops of rain would have mattered much to the children who enjoyed bobbing for apples (nor would a bit of rain have made much of a difference to me as I was being pelted with wet sponges – I never did manage to work out what putting the Headteacher in the stocks had to do with apples…). 

As well as apple bobbing, the children enjoyed apple tasting and apple pressing as well as printing and crafts. There was plenty to eat and drink thanks to the Parent Group, and Mr Jeynes enjoyed a quiet morning by the fire pit, sampling the marshmallows from each packet to ensure that they were of a high enough quality to be consumed by the children. 

The highlight of the morning was almost certainly the apple catapult, constructed for the occasion. The word catapult doesn’t quite capture the scale of the siege-ending ballistics device that the children enjoyed firing apples from, which looked like it might make short work of Brougham Castle if given half a chance! Obviously I had to test out the catapult before the children arrived, mainly to make sure that we weren’t going to end up launching apples on to the A66! 

Thank you to all of the parents who helped to make the Apple Day a huge success.