UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

​Early in the summer term eight of Hunter Hall’s brightest mathematicians sat the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Challenge. The challenge consists of a multiple choice paper with 25 questions. There is an interesting twist; for the harder questions you lose marks if you get an answer wrong. The pupils have to decide if they are confident enough with their answer so as not to lose any marks.

The Junior challenge is intended for pupils in Y7 and Y8. As we have some very able mathematicians who thrive on a challenge at Hunter Hall, I entered the following pupils: Andrei Carp, Christopher Iredale, Samuel Antoine, Ted Farnan, Anna Bray, Yolanda Wilkinson (Y6), Kai Hall (Y5) and Edward Sorton (Y4). 

Over 500,000 pupils take part in the challenge with the top 6% receiving a gold certificate and the next 13% silver. Our most able mathematician, Andrei Carp, excelled himself by winning gold with ease. The score needed for gold was 77 and Andrei scored 83. Anna Bray and Ted Farnan also performed brilliantly and earned themselves silver certificates.  Following this amazing success; the bar has been set very high for future years. 
Mr P Sturgess 

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