S.T.E.M day – a report by Lucy Ha

On Monday 18th March, Year 5 went on a school trip to Sedbergh Casterton to take part in a S.T.E.M day. It was a really fun experience and we had a very interactive day. We learnt a lot and my key bits of learning were how to code a robot and how to wire the robots up.

My Day

We arrived at 9:00am and were met by Mr Hammond, one of the teachers at Sedbergh. He was very nice and walked with us to the new classroom to collect some aprons and to show us what we would be doing.

Lucy wrote her name and he trained the robot to copy it, this was great. Next, we had to choose our partners, mine was Evie, we then built the base of our robot using 4 pieces of wood. Evie and I stuck them together using a hot glue gun, following this, Mr Hammond showed us how to put the wheels together. We then had to attach the wires to the base which was the hardest bit because you weren’t allowed to get any glue on the wire. The batteries were then put in, but we had to be careful not to put them in the wrong way as this would mean it wouldn’t work.

After a snack of juice and a cinnamon roll (which were delish!!!) we started to do the coding for our robot. I read out the instructions, while Evie did the coding on the computer, making sure we checked it very carefully when we had finished to see if it was alright.

The next step was to try to fit all the wires into the right places, Evie couldn’t screw them in, so I helped her do this. Once we had finished, we had to test them to see if our robot worked.

Unfortunately, ours didn’t work, so we had to check all of the wires again but it still didn’t work, so we took a break and went to lunch. We had chicken curry, which was very YUMMY, followed by chocolate cake for pudding. Then we all went outside and I played cricket with Lucy He, Stefan, Sammy, Luca and Jonty.

After lunch, we all returned inside and carried on with our robots, we finally got ours to work but it kept going backwards rather than forwards. Eventually we sorted this out. We had to decorate the robot and Evie and I put wood barriers on the front, with lollypop sticks on the back to protect it in the fight. We made it very multi-coloured, it looked AMAZING. A few of the robots were placed in a robot ring, where they had to force the other robots out of the ring. Evie and I managed to push Max and Ferris’ robot off. We had a fantastic time before having to go home. We were given goody bags to help us remember our day.

Lucy Ha

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