Paws for thought

​We could all ‘bearly’ (barely!) believe our eyes last Monday morning when we came to school to be greeted by a giant and I mean GIANT teddy bear in the courtyard!

Hunter Hall certainly does not do things by half and it certainly gave us ‘paws’ (pause) for thought! The Raven family had said they had a ‘few hay bales’ and could make a sculpture as a precursor to our Harvest Festival celebrations – but that is some sculpture!!

The children have had great fun trying to name him and we have had everything from ‘Super Ted’ to ‘Scratchy Bottom’!! Interestingly one of the most popular names was just plain old Tom. A tricky one to choose, but we pulled the names out of the proverbial hat at assembly this morning and he is now known as - ‘Baley Hayley’! Well done to Luca for the winning name. We are going to be very sad to see him go over half term but not to worry – the Christmas tree will be arriving very soon!!!!

Haley Baley At Hunter Hall School Penrith With Pupils Small

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