Parents 13 v 9 Pupils – Football

This will game will no doubt go down as one of the classics...

The parents team were out gunned at a staggering rate of 2-1, so a lot was resting on their ethereal talents.  The majestic passing that was to grace the Hunter hall fields was a delight to behold and certainly caught the young charges by surprise. Within 5 minutes the parents had surged to a 3-0 lead. Luke Butler proved very capable on the ball and the elderly masters clearly seemed in ruthless mood in front of goal. Mr. Lear claimed the pick of the first half goals, when he rose like a salmon to head home spectacularly at the far post. The youngsters could have been forgiven for packing up there and then, heading home and commencing a google search on the best diving headers of all time. Mr. Lear’s would have been up there! 

Just before half time Max brought the boys back into the game with a sweet finish that resulted in a whole team pile on! 4-1 and everything to play for. All the money in the world would have been on the old stagers wilting like posies! Not a chance, the 2nd half saw them extend their lead: Mr. Ainsworth bagging the goal of the game. As the ball left his boot, around the half way line, it was clear that Edward was in trouble! Up, up into the sky the ball soared, and down, down it came! Could it happen? Mr. Ainsworth dared to dream, Ben closed his eyes and hoped it would not! Sadly, for all the Ainsworth’s over the coming weeks, it flew in! Comparisons to David Beckham and other footballing legends were lauded upon him! In truth it was a sublime and exquisite goal that would grace any World Cup!  
While the old stagers were still pinching themselves, Max had rolled up his sleeves and grabbed the youngsters 2nd goal. The comeback was on. The boys matched the dads in the second half, goal for goal, but just fell short of drawing level. Mr. Reay’s appearance in the second half, proved just the tonic for some tiring legs, and he soon smashed home a low drive to put the game to bed. All the boys showed great resolve and at times produced some fine passing of their own, a little more composure in front of goal and the day might have been theirs. The final score 13- 9 to the dads- it had been a great game. All the boys wish to thank those dads who gave up their time and risked their dignity to help ensure a lot of happy memories were created.  

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