Mowden Hall Swimming Gala

The warm pool environment provided the perfect environment for our Wednesday’s fixture. Our Years 5 & 6 girl swimmers took on a team of Year 6 girls from Mowden Hall.

It was a brilliant afternoon that saw all our girls perform superbly over a range of strokes. Individual races in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and fly were all relished. The Mowden staff were particularly impressed by our girls’ enthusiasm to take on 2 lengths of fly and in their ability to tumble turn so efficiently. Following the individual strokes came the medley relay, freestyle relay and cannon relay all seeing Hunter Hall claim impressive 1st places. We finished the afternoon with three different fun races before heading to the dining hall for a hot meal. A huge thank you must go out to Mowden Hall who provided a fantastic afternoon of competitive sport in an exceptionally welcoming environment.

Mowden Hall - 63 pts v Hunter Hall - 86pts

Mr A Hetherington

in Sport

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