Book Week 2018

Later this week we are holding our annual Book Week in school and last week Upper School classes travelled to Dove Cottage in Grasmere for a fabulous Wordsworth focused day of poetry workshops, a visit to the museum and a nature walk.

Their education team will also be spending this Thursday morning in school, working with Lower School groups on ‘A Rucksack of Rhymes’ and ‘Famous Cumbrians’. These activities will inspire the work planned for Book Week in our English lessons – for Lower School, the stories of Beatrix Potter and for Upper School, the poetry of Wordsworth.

In addition to our customary reading activities, in which we pair older classes with younger children and our invitation to parents to come into school to share their favourite poetry, or stories with the children, we will also be running an Usborne Book Fair, which will be set up in the school library. Classes will have an opportunity to look through the books on offer and the fair is open for orders daily from 3.20-4.30pm Thursday 11 October and Friday 12th October. We do receive commission from your orders in the form of books for our school library so we hope the range on offer will be suitably appealing!

Our week traditionally finishes on the Friday with a dressing-up day and children are invited to dress in costumes based on Beatrix Potter or any poem by Wordsworth. They might choose from: Beatrix Potter characters, Butterflies and Bugs, Plants and Flowers, The Weather, The Three Bears, Mother Nature, Autumn, Winter or of course, it would be wonderful to be greeted on the day by ‘a host, of golden daffodils’! Judging will take place during the day and prizes will be awarded for creative costume ideas.

As always, we are very grateful to those of you who come in to share your own childhood favourites with your children’s classes. Timetables are up in all classrooms so please do sign up if you are able to – the importance of reading for pleasure can often be overlooked in favour of other activities these days – to hear a parent talking about and sharing a series of poems, or a book that they loved as a child is so enjoyable for the children and sends such an important message, often inspiring the children’s reading in new directions.

We look forward to seeing you in school next week.

Mrs A Taylor

in Arts & Culture

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