Mr Richard Jeynes

I joined Hunter Hall September 2023. My teaching career started in 2018 after I completed my PGCE at the University of Worcester. I grew up in Cornwall but was educated in Devon and Worcestershire. I made the exciting move North from an Independent Prep school in West Sussex.

A child’s learning experience at school needs to promote a love of learning that challenges both their strengths and weaknesses. This is represented in my approach in the classroom. Learning never stops, and I am still absorbing new approaches to adopt in my classroom.
As the Head of Humanities, I am passionate about the impact our past has on our culture, current thinking and way of life. Early appreciation for and understanding of the world in which we live is a great way to shape interests, grow horizons and develop an appetite for life-long learning. I look forward to sharing and nurturing the children’s shared enthusiasm and passion for the subjects.

My outside interests include travelling, keeping active and spending time with my family. I am a keen reader, avid film watcher and passionate about sport… especially rugby!