Our core

subject areas

English, maths and science underpin our varied curriculum

Hunter Hall core subjects

Our curriculum is extremely varied, but we pride ourselves on our academic excellence in our core subject areas.


English is a dynamic and lively subject at Hunter Hall. Taught by a subject specialist in upper school, children enjoy learning in a variety of styles. Drama, multi-media, children’s fiction and interactive tasks provide hooks for written work, which is carefully crafted by pupils to improve their control of the written word.

Spelling is taught through a protected lesson each week, where pupils are tested at the level (not the age) that each individual is working at. Keen that grammar is seen as fun and relevant, the subject specialist often teaches key grammatical concepts through novel approaches, using everything from pop music to kung fu moves!

Reading is taught primarily in small ability groups, with a maximum of six pupils. Texts are chosen to suit the needs and interests of each group. Reading Culture is buzzing at Hunter Hall, supported by a library packed with lots of the latest children’s fiction titles. Every Autumn, ‘Book Week’ is a week dedicated to the fun of reading, with workshops, visiting authors, cross-school activities, dress-up days and competitions to remind everyone how great books can be.

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Maths is very much alive at Hunter Hall. Taught by a subject specialist in upper school, the department ethos is to challenge pupils to further their understanding, whilst at the same time supporting those pupils who require additional help. Whenever possible we like to get outside the classroom to make maths relevant in the real world.

Success in national maths competitions is celebrated at Hunter Hall. All pupils in Year 5 and 6 take part in the Primary Maths Challenge in November. The best mathematicians take part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge (intended for Year 8 pupils) in April. Each year, Hunter Hall hosts a Y6 Team Mathematics Challenge where seven schools spend an exhilarating afternoon partaking in friendly competition.

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Upper school science lessons are taught in our wonderful new science centre, which benefits from lab-style work benches and dedicated resources. Children are also equipped with lab-coats in lessons to fully engage them in their scientific study, which is taught through a balance of theoretical and practical work. Every year we celebrate science with a themed week, which includes trips to museums, visiting scientists and a whole host of exciting hands-on activities. Children are also encouraged to broaden their own understanding and interest in science through home research and entering competitions, such as ‘Farmvention’ and the Bank of England’s ‘Which scientist should appear on the new £50 note?’ competition.

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Exam Prep

Whilst we do not believe in “hot-housing” pupils, they are prepared very thoroughly for entrance examinations to secondary schools. The education that takes place on a daily basis fulfils much of this objective, but Exam Prep is an extra lesson that takes place after school each week. It is primarily there to help children with entrance exams into senior schools. Practice papers are taken and verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as mathematics, are part of the syllabus.

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