The process

Welcome to our admissions page, which we hope will explain fully the processes involved in application for a place at Hunter Hall School.

Our aim is to welcome applications from any child regardless of sex, disability, nationality, religion, or race as long as our criteria are met and we are confident that we can support your child’s needs.

We are a non-selective 3 to 11 Preparatory School and therefore there are no formal admissions exams to sit. However we do ask that all children attend a taster day with us in order that we can help them to settle as quickly as possible and learn a little more about them. During this day the children may be asked to complete some formal written work depending on the age of the child. Children are always placed in the year group that is applicable to them and will be assigned a mentor for the day.

Taster days can be arranged by contacting the office at our usual e-mail address:

Alternatively please ring – 01768 891291

Past school reports assist us enormously in helping to settle your child as quickly as possible and therefore (if applicable) please bring as much evidence as possible regarding your child’s previous schooling.

If it is a nursery place that you are interested in please note that we do accept early education funding (nursery vouchers) which you are welcome to top up over and above your 15 hours. Nursery children generally do a taster day comprising a couple of hours.

The admissions and conditions of acceptance policy will give you a little more detail on our procedures.

Admissions Policy

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