• Mrs. D. Vinsome
    Mrs. D. Vinsome
    Head Teacher
  • Mrs. Antonia Taylor
    Mrs. Antonia Taylor
    Deputy Head
  • Mrs Georgina Griffiths
    Mrs Georgina Griffiths
    Foundation Stage Coordinator; Reception & Year 1 Teacher, Lower School Coordinator
  • Mr Philip Sturgess
    Mr Philip Sturgess
    Year 6 Class Teacher, Head of Mathematics
  • Mr. Martin Spooner
    Mr. Martin Spooner
    Head of Outdoor Education; Year 4 Class Teacher; Science, IT
  • Miss Laura Westgarth
    Miss Laura Westgarth
    Year 3 Class teacher, Head of Girls' Games
  • Mrs. Lynsey Wrightson
    Mrs. Lynsey Wrightson
    Year 2 Class Teacher; Head of Music
  • Mr Andrew Hetherington
    Mr Andrew Hetherington
    Head of Boys' Games
  • Miss Helen Gallagher
    Miss Helen Gallagher
    Nutkins Nursery Deputy Manager
  • Mrs. Helen Scholefield
    Mrs. Helen Scholefield
    French teacher
  • Mrs. Carol Hardy
    Mrs. Carol Hardy
    Teaching Assistant; Learning Support
  • Miss. Laura Graham
    Miss. Laura Graham
    Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant, Part Time
  • Miss Sarah Borthwick
    Miss Sarah Borthwick
    Foundation Stage Nursery Assistant
  • Mrs. Barbara Gilbertson
    Mrs. Barbara Gilbertson
    Peripatetic Music tuition
  • No image
    Mrs Olivia Colbear
    Office Administrator
  • Mrs. Joanne Airey
    Mrs. Joanne Airey
    Bursar and Clerk to the Governors
  • Mr. Geoff Ellerton
    Mr. Geoff Ellerton
    School Caretaker
  • Mrs Gill Slessor
    Mrs Gill Slessor
    Learning Support Teacher