The S.T.E.M Centre Fundraising Project

As the years have passed, the school buildings and classrooms at Hunter Hall School have been modified and updated when time, resources and finances have allowed. Our aim is to enhance our facilities to provide a 21st century establishment, ensuring that the children at Hunter Hall have the best possible start in life that any first-class preparatory school can offer.

Our aim 

To create a bespoke S.T.E.M  Centre on the site of an old classroom building. Science is a key subject and one which is close to our hearts. Who doesn’t like an exciting experiment? Which child isn’t inquisitive to know how the heart works or why there are colours in the rainbow? Science is fascinating and using the specific equipment in exciting spacious surroundings can only enhance science teaching at Hunter Hall and give this subject the priority it deserves. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is important for developing our children’s awareness of the wider world, as well as their future employability skills. 

How much money do we need? 

We would like to raise at least £75,000 over two years. This will support the building of a new bespoke classroom facility. Unlike maintained schools we cannot rely on government grants; everything we do and buy has to be funded by ourselves. In addition to the money raised, the school will use some of its capital revenue to add to the total.

How can you donate? 

This is now your chance to make a contribution to the successful future of the school and to the next generation of ‘Hunters’.   If you would like to help, please complete the form by clicking here and return to the School Office. 

Or you can donate online via BT My Donate.

Kit & Caboodle list

This list gives an outline of all the essential equipment we need to get our new science centre up and running. You may prefer to indicate how you would like your donation to be spent, if so please let the office know.

*indicates a pack of

Building costs 1 £75000
Benches 15 £1000
Tall Tray Unit 1* £420
Electric burner 1* £280
Human Skeleton 1 £270
Tall frame rack 1 £250
Orbiter 1 £230
Lockable storage cabinet 1 £200
Mixed storage unit 1 £200
Trolley 1 £160
Fridge Freezer 1 £150
Stereo Microscope 3 £135
Deep tray units 2 £125
Meter Rulers 1* £100
Safety Screen 1 £96
Rechargeable Stopwatches 1* £96
Cartridge Burner 1 £80
Electricity Kits 6 £80
Ear model 1 £72
Spring Balances 1 £70
Raybox set 1 £65
Digital Thermometers 1* £60
Conical flasks 1* £50
Funnels 1* £50
Toolkit 1* £50
Plastic Beakers 1* £45
Compact Balance 5 £45
Stools 21 £40
Torches set 1 £40
Pulleys Kit 1 £40
Weight Hangers 5 £32
Weights set 1 £32
Glass beakers 1* £30
Motorised solar system 1 £30
Measuring jugs 1* £30
Small plastic beakers 1* £25
Magnetic testing kit 1 £24
Measuring cylinders 1* £20
Rock board 1 £16
Heat gauge 1 £16
Trundle wheel 1 £16
Lab coats 21 £15
Large tray 1* £14
Wave sound 1 £13
Bunsen burners 3 £7.50
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