It is a primary aim of Hunter Hall Primary School to instil in our pupils fundamental values that will provide a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. These include developing respect for others, the ability to make good choices, willingness to listen and an appreciation that all have a contribution to make. Inclusiveness and cultural sensitivity underpin classroom activity and we encourage children to have a sense of social justice and fair-play.

Our independence allows us to be imaginative in what the pupils learn, and also in how and where they learn it. We recognise that taking risks, in a considered manner, is important in modern life, and the children are urged simply to “have a go”, and to be untroubled and innovative in their responses – in the “formal” classroom, as well as art, drama and games. Whilst we promote spontaneity, reflection and review are also encouraged. The children are encouraged to use a range of skills and techniques in order to support and develop their thinking.

Teachers, too, are imaginative in their methods and overall approach to the learning process, using a wide variety of tools and methods, capitalising upon the unique features of the school’s location and natural environment.

The atmosphere that we attempt to generate is that of high challenge and low stress. We ensure that the children learn and develop in a safe and stimulating environment, working towards targets that will extend them in all areas and stretch their minds and expectations. Pupils have many opportunities for friendly competition. Ultimately we want the children to see education as their own responsibility – and as a lifelong adventure, on which they are taking their first steps.

Hunter Hall Primary School Penrith Ethos