Environment and Charity

At Hunter Hall School, Penrith, we support a number of charities, both local and national. In the last year, in excess of £2000 was raised in total, though pupils are encouraged to support by action, as well as donation.

Each year a nominated charity is chosen by the school and various fundraising activites take place to support this charity and other worthwhile causes.

In addition, there are facilities on site for the recycling of vegetable waste, clothes, paper and cardboard and metal. We raisied £100 as part of the 'Rag Bag' scheme by collecting close to 240kg of clothing.

A productive vegetable and fruit garden and a rapidly-developing wildlife area are also important components of the education at Hunter Hall.

At Hunter Hall using both the inside and outside environment is important to us and the children are made well aware of environmental issues as both part of their Outdoor Education sessions and as part of our Forest Schools initiative where the surrounding fields and woodlands are used to full advantage.

Academically environmental issues are also covered as part of Science and Geography teaching where topics such as 'using energy' and 'the natural world' are covered.

We have been awarded a Gold award by CBEN (Cumbria Business Environment Network) for our awareness of environmental issues.


CBEN Gold Award 2015 - 2016

Environmental Policy

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