On Tuesday 5 December, the whole of Upper School enjoyed a performance of A Little Princess at the Theatre by the Lake. We were lucky enough to sit in the front rows of the stalls, meaning the children got the best view possible, making it easier to get immersed in all of the action. 

The play followed the story of Sara Crewe from her life in India to a very austere, strict, dreary boarding school in London in 1914.  Upon her arrival, Sara is admired for her intelligence, grace, and charm. She is loved by her schoolmates, as her imagination provides an escape from their monotonous life at ‘Miss Minchin’s School for Young Ladies’. 

The play was beautifully pitched with plenty of comedy, magic and intrigue. Firm favourites were the character of Ermrngarde and all her daft asides, as well as the puppetry used to bring the animal characters to life. Everyone loved to hate Lavinia Smythe, the resident school bully, and many of the children were most indignant about her treatment of Sara when we chatted about it afterwards! The children weren’t sure that Madame Roberts would be convinced by the French of the actor playing Monsieur Dufarge, the French teacher though- they thought his accent was very suspect! The ice cream at the interval was much enjoyed, and helped to make this afternoon out of school a very special treat.  

Not to miss out, at the time of writing, year 1 and 2 are out visiting Kendal Arts Centre to see ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in order to help them develop a love of live theatre. Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company are applying a mix of puppetry, live action, great music, humour and quirky staging in a retelling of the well-loved classic tale.  We bet they’ll have had a lovely time!