Upper School

We call the final four years at Hunter Hall School (ages 7 to 11) Upper School. In these years (Year 3 to Year 6), teaching is largely from specialist teachers (entirely in the final two years), and the pupils are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education. They also take on additional responsibility in many areas of school life.

The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. While the National Curriculum is a useful starting point, teachers adapt and enhance their programmes of study to ensure that every pupil is motivated, inspired and challenged. In addition to the core subjects of English and Mathematics, the syllabus includes Science, French, History, Geography, Music, RS, ICT, Art, Drama, PE and Games. Classes are small, children can perform at the speed that suits them best and a very individual approach can be offered to every child.

Whilst we do not believe in “hot-housing” pupils, they are prepared very thoroughly for entrance examinations to secondary schools. The education that takes place on a daily basis fulfils much of this objective, but additional support is provided throughout the year by the Headteacher, in small after-school groups.