Outdoor Education

At Hunter Hall School we are constantly looking to better ourselves and allow the children to develop into all round individuals be their talents lie in academic, sporting, creative or the great outdoors!

Outdoor Education is a timetabled lesson taking place each week for all year groups. Living in such beautiful surroundings the children at Hunter Hall are in the enviable position of being able to take full advantage of their setting. Camp craft and bush craft activities are on the menu for our younger pupils – (we even have our own forest!) whilst our older children have the experience of orienteering, mountaineering, fell walking, cycling and sailing on beautiful Ullswater over the course of the year.

Fresh air and open space is so important to a healthy mind and body and by combining a mixture of academic and practical activities for the children we believe we have the best of both worlds. Children work hard and play hard at Hunter Hall

Upper School Outdoor Education - Autumn 2016

Please find below details of outdoor education activities for the forthcoming school year, along with the timetable up to the end of this term.

After the break we will be introducing a new area to the range of activities that we offer, as we will be including teambuilding sessions to the current OE curriculum. These sessions will take place in a range of suitable locations either around the school grounds or off-site and as such, children should come suitably prepared with relevant clothing as with other activities. Team building is an important skill that is developed in all areas of our outdoor education program, but by delivering specific sessions gives us the opportunity to focus and improve the children’s skills in greater depth. Furthermore, team building by its very nature encompasses problem solving and therefore we shall be looking how to tackle a range of challenges, develop leadership and confidence as well as trust and communication skills; all of course vital attributes to foster for life.

Clothing – autumn term

Children should be prepared for less favourable conditions, particularly as we move further into autumn. I must stress the importance of having the correct basic clothing ready for OE sessions. If children are not properly equipped then they may unfortunately have to miss their session.

Children should have school PE kit, including long tracksuit top and bottoms. They must also have a waterproof jacket (waterproof trousers are also beneficial if you have them) and warm hat /gloves for when conditions become colder. A warmer fleece layer will be necessary for winter and feet are likely to get wet whilst out so a dry pair of socks and footwear is important to have in school.

Do you have any spares?

I would like to continue building our bank of spare items so that we don’t have to make difficult decisions about whether a child is appropriately equipped and clothed to head into the outdoors, for example. If you have any old or spare hats and gloves that you are willing to donate we would be very grateful. Other items that would also be useful include waterproofs, small rucksacks or walking shoes / boots.

2016 – 2017 Outdoor Education Activities:

Autumn 1st half Orienteering
Autumn 2nd half Team Building
Spring 1st half Indoor Climbing
Spring 2nd half Mountain Biking
Summer 1st half Fell Walking
Summer 2nd half Sailing
Orienteering Sessions:
Week/date Year On/Off site
Week 1: Tues 6th September 4 On site
Week 1: Thurs 8th September 6 Off site
Week 2: Tues 13th September 3 On site
Week 2: Thurs 15th September 5 Off site
Week 3: Tues 20th September 4 Off site
Week 3: Thurs 22nd September 6 Off site
Week 4: Tues 27th September 3 Off site
Week 4: Thurs 29th Spetember 5 Off site
Week 5: Tues 4th October 4 Off site
Week 5: Thurs 6th October 6 Off site
Week 6: Tues 11th October 3 Off site
Week 6: Thurs 13th October 5 Off site

Team Building Sessions:

Week 7: Tues 1st November 4 Off site
Week 7: Thurs 3rd November 6 Off site
Week 8: Tues 8th November 3 Off site
Week 8: Thurs 10th November 5 Off site
Week 9: Tues 15th November 4 Off site
Week 9: Thurs 17th November 6 Off site
Week 10: Tues 22nd November 3 Off site
Week 10: Thurs 24th November 5 Off site
Week 11: Tues 29th November 4 Off site
Week 11: Thurs 1st December 6 Off site
Week 12: Tues 6th December 3 Off site
Week 12: Thurs 8th December 5 No OE - US theatre visit

*No OE in the final week due to Christmas parties and the end of term. 

Cycling Fun, Outdoor Education
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Outdoor Education at Hunter Hall School
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