Swim Safe – Year 5 at Windermere Lake

With heavy rain bouncing down all morning there was no doubt we would be getting wet!

Our Year 5 pupils travelled to Lake Windermere to meet instructors from the RNLI and learn about water safety. The onshore input given covered how to overcome the initial shock of falling into a body of water, how to signal for help and the different body positions you can make to minimise heat loss.  

The children then had the opportunity to put this learning into practice in the lake itself. Surprisingly, it was warmer in the lake than on the shore and thus our Year 5’s were reluctant to get out! The session finished with some safety jumps off the pier and a quick wrestle to get out of the wetsuits. Many thanks to Mrs Wilson and Mrs Chapman for helping with transport, it was a fun afternoon that provided some very important messages!  
Mr A Hetherington 

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